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If you or a loved one is seeking answers to difficult health related questions, give the gift of health.

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As a Fellow of the American Institute of Stress, respected and Board-Certified Family Practitioner Neil F. Neimark, M.D. has produced a guided imagery exercise to help us let go of our critical, strategic mind and find answers to the difficult health problems or emotional traumas we may be facing.

Our Inner Healer is like an inner adviser, an imaginary wise figure and may appear as a person, a guardian angel, a symbol, a voice inside of us or maybe just as a feeling within. This symbolic figure provides us a valuable insight into our own deeper consciousness, offering us invaluable guidance and support in dealing with difficult health problems or emotional issues.

Throughout the ages, there has been a common human notion that guidance is available to us when we appeal to it and are receptive to it. Our Inner Healer represents a source of Divine guidance that helps us to nurture and nourish both our body, with its physical needs, and our soul, with its spiritual needs.

Listening to our body helps us to know what we need. Our body reminds us that we need time for rest, exercise and nourishment. Our body teaches us that we have limits. Listening to our soul helps us to know how we are needed. Our soul teaches us that we need to release and let go, reminding us that life is most meaningful when we give back to others the love, kindness, grace and healing we have been so fortunate to receive. Our soul teaches us that love is limitless.

Contacting our Inner Healer places us in touch with a source of wisdom and clarity that can guide us in finding answers to the difficult health problems or emotional traumas we may be facing.

Purchase Now! – Only $22 BUY BUTTON - 55 - bigstock-buy-now-red-glossy-icon-on-whi-40614511